Monday, September 3, 2012

Mission: Organization

After finding out that I had secured my first teaching job in June, I was very excited to see my classroom for the first time! After spending two years working in other people's rooms, I was excited to put my own touch on the classroom. The first time I saw my room, I was a little overwhelmed! My classroom was left with tons of resources and supplies, but they were so disorganized. I like my things to be orderly and I hate wasting time looking for things, so I knew I had a big job ahead of me. I needed a system, and so my mission to find organization began.

It took me about two weeks to get everything how I wanted it. I was lucky that I had an extremely organized mother to help me out for a few days. She did all of the little jobs that take so much time to do by yourself, like sorting supplies, moving books, cleaning shelves, and throwing old stuff out. We threw out four bags of garbage and recycled at least six buckets of recyclable paper. I also moved my desk to the back of the room so I wouldn't be tempted to sit at it during class time. I wanted to have my own space that wouldn't get in the way of my instruction. I took down most of the posters so that the room wasn't so busy for kids that have trouble concentrating. I am so happy with how things turned out, and now I feel prepared to take on the new school year! Hopefully my hard work all adds up to a better learning experience for the kids. Check out my before and after pictures.

Good luck to all the new teachers out there! I know things are really going to get crazy starting tomorrow, so I hope you all had time to organize like I did!





Teacher's desk BEFORE

My desk AFTER

NEW station for supplies

Book shelf and table for handing in assignments AFTER


  1. Nicole

    I am so happy that I was able to be a part of helping you transform your classroom into an organized workspace for you and your students to learn and grow together! Dad and I look forward to following your journey through your Blog as you embark on your first year of teaching. Remember, there will be great days and some not so good but, you will survive. You are a great teacher and you have so much to share with your students and co-workers. Always remember we are just a phone call away!

    Wishing you nothing but great things this school year.


  2. Looks great! Best of luck with everything during your first year :)

    Miss L
    Miss L’s Whole Brain Teaching